The Community Design Center was established in 1967 by architects from the      University of California, Berkeley on the principle that low-income and minority communities should have equal access to technical skills and information necessary to participate effectively in the planning and development of their community.


In 1993 the Community Design Center transitioned into an independent 501(c)(3) organization.


The Community Design Center operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit design organization.


The Center operates with a small full-time staff and a roster of part-time volunteers, architects, designers, planners, engineers, students and others with skills needed to solve urban problems.


Free design services are provided to low-income groups once it has been determined their request involves matters of community interest and concern and falls within the Center's competencies and mandates.


The Community Design Center has a long history of providing design services to Community Organizations and nonprofit agencies utilizing public funds to develop and remodel community facilities and affordable housing.


Our knowledge of the technical and legal requirements and procedures is a valuable component of our services.


The Community Design Center supports collaboration between neighborhood residents and design professionals in every phase of a project.  The utilization of the participatory approach to design and construction ensures that the energies, wisdom and talents of the neighborhood residents are part of the design solution.